Monday, 25 June 2012

Show gardens in June...

The official opening for the show gardens was the 19th May. Since then we've all had time to catch up with all the jobs that went a bit by the way whilst the gardens build was going full tilt.

Over the last few weeks we have had little sun and downpour after downpour, so all the plants and trees in the gardens have had a chance to flourish - so even the new gardens planting is looking pretty mature and full in the main. The rain has been a blessing really, as last year and the year before I can remember anxiously scurrying around with the hose pipe trying to ensure that the newly planted gardens didn't suffer from drying out before the plants got established. The last thing you want when you've bought wonderful plants is to see them going crispy! No chance of this here at the moment.

As the gardens have settled and bloomed I've taken quite a lot of pics, there are a couple to see here and you can view the rest by clicking though to the show gardens web site pages
and clicking the links top left to the 2012 Show Gardens Image Gallery, I hope you enjoy them.

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