Thursday, 21 February 2013

detail on paving in Seaside garden, what size and how many?

Hi everyone

I've been prompted to give more detail on the paving in the Seaside garden, now we have decided it can be taken up and relaid, predictably someone wanted to know what size, type and quantity of it there was.  I guess the devil is in the detail and it pays to be diligent.  In the spirit of fairness I obviously want everyone that is considering designing for the replacement for seaside garden to have the same information, so here you are:

On the paving query the type that was used is Bretts sandstone, fossil mint:

This comes as a mixture of various approx sizes. We have:

29 x 29cm – 6 no.
60 v 30cm – 9no.
60 x 60cm – 11no.
60 x 90cn – 13no.
I have attached a pic of it, that shows the detail and colour in the stones, which I think is really rather attractive.

Hope this helps.


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