Thursday, 21 February 2013

worry over garden themes and names misunderstanding?

Hi again

I've been having a niggling doubt about a query that has popped up a few times, each time I've answered the query individually, not thinking it warranted putting on the blog, then wondered if I should put it up here...but someone else asked the question again this morning, so I've decided that we better cover it.  For speed I will paste the question and my response below.

  • For the Seaside garden – does the new design still need a seaside theme?
Hi ******

I am getting a bit worried that because we are referring to the seaside garden, as the seaside garden that people are presuming that we want another seaside type of garden.  I thought it was clear that it was designed originally with a seaside theme, but now we want something as different as possible.  On the design brief form that people need to fill in it says new garden name

We also say in the scope:

we would like to retain the Indian sandstone paving and the Paliframe fences, but within these constraints we would
like you to design a new and innovative garden. You may recycle anything from the existing garden, but feel free to
stretch the boundaries of design.

maybe it wasn't clear enough, I don't know?

You are about the 4th person who has asked this, so I guess I had better put something along these lines on the blog, in case others that haven’t got in touch are going down this line.  Thanks for helping me decide to do this.

So I just want to make this clear, the old names of Seaside or float garden are just the names we are calling these at the moment. Please choose new names and themes.  This goes for the Whitefriars challenge too, please choose a name and theme if you want.

thanks  Louise

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  1. Wow glad you posted this I thought you wanted a revamp on the Seaside theme too, not a complete redesign.... back to the drawing board.

    Note to self: read everything before starting, assume nothing :)