Thursday, 14 February 2013

Seaside garden's paving query?


A couple of designers have asked this sort of thing regarding the paving in the seaside garden:

...the scope for this garden states that you wish to retain the Indian sandstone paving. Would you be happy for this to be relaid or do you wish for it to stay in its current location?

and this:

I hope I haven't missed some vital piece of info in the material you have already sent. In the seaside garden - you want to retain the existing paving - as it is laid or can it be lifted and re-used in a different design? I appreciate the need for sustainability but would feel very restricted trying to incorporate the existing paving, which covers a substantial area of the garden, into a new design. 

We've had a look at the very lovely paving and decided it can be taken up and relaid elsewhere in the garden, as it would be rather inhibiting to have to keep in the same place.



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