Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Bank Holiday Show Gardens Work

It was the first May bank holiday last weekend, but work carried on some of the days.  Oddly for a bank holiday it didn't pour with rain, which was very welcome to Ian and the crew.  They have managed to clear out more rubble and soil, dig out footings for posts and the sides of the garden have started to take shape and be defined, as the landscape timbers are being built up.  We are using Jacksons Jakwall timbers, the "ungrooved" version, as opposed to the one that looks grooved to simulate brickwork. They are that bit smaller (90 x 140mm) than our Landscape sleepers (100 x 200mm), giving the perimeter a more elegant shape, having been chamfered, the sleepers would look pretty chunky and heavy duty, in comparison I think.

The simple timber frame for the small pergola has popped up as well.  This will make a pretty shadey seating area once its roof cover is put on.

Part of the plan was to leave the established Laburnum tree is the back right side corner.  The team has been carefully working around it, trying not to disturb it.  There will be raised beds for planting all along the rear wall of the garden - these will be made to different heights and sizes, the one surrounding the tree is being kept low, so there's not too much earth covering the base of the tree, otherwise it can distress it.

I noticed today the Laburnum is just showing flower buds on it, it will be great if it manages to still be in flower at the opening event, it looked great last year with its yellow droopy tresses of flowers, lovely bit of colour - fingers crossed.

James and Russ have been working on sprucing up the Fragrant Front garden - sanding down the flakey old paint work and giving the door, window and wall a fresh coat of paint.

It's looking much better already.

Front Garden revamp

I don't know about you, but do these guys look guilty to you?

I think they think I'm checking on how many tea breaks they are having  ;-)

Whilst all the attention is on the new gardens, the work to tidy up the others is really paying off now.  Natural Reflections is filling out beautifully...

Filled Out Show Garden

And the Sanctuary Garden has shot up and the Osteospermums are out, and the Valerian and Nepeta are on the brink - I think in the next week this is going to be a riot of colour, can't wait!

Osteospermums plants

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