Friday, 16 May 2014

We've made great progress this last week...

We've moved on massively this week, you will see the paving started going in.  I've so many photos that I will have to just stick a photo in with a short comment, or I will never catch up!

Here you can see we've started laying the paving block, it looks wonderful.

Laying Paving Blocks

Ian and James have pain-stakingly levelled and then cut the blocks -I can't believe how accurate and detailed it has to be.

New paving

As you can see we're nearly there.  Meanwhile Ashley from our maintenance dept. has "volunteered" to tackle the water feature in Sally's garden.  He's found a novel way of making sure he doesn't get in Ian's way when he's laying the paving...

New Show Garden
he gets in the trough!

New water trough

James has taken on getting the old bench out of the Tropical garden and is now digging out the concrete that's left from its foundations..

Removing Bench Foundations

And more movement in the Tropical garden, Russ has got the lattice trellis panels in to the pergola, I think  it looks really good like that now.

New Lattice Trellis Fence Panels

It's a new day, today some of our plants arrive from Palmstead

Palmstead Nurseries Lorry

Yes we have no bananas!

Tropical Garden progress

And now the plants have arrived, so have our designers to start their planting.

Garden Designers at work

Smile for the camera ladies, I'm sending this one to the Garden Design Journal, for their news section in the June issue.

I'll catch with you after Monday, when I visit Chelsea Flower show, it will be great to see how things are there and here when I get back.


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