Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Things are looking pretty interesting...

The very interesting steel cut panels from the French company Ambellya have been with us for a week or so.  Now the guys have finished off a few bits like the paving etc. they are ready to start installing these custom made decorative panels.

Ian and Russ worked pretty hard at making sure they didn't squash the new plants that Sally and Kevin had put in.

There were a few comments from the usual suspects that walk through the gardens on a daily basis about the colour of the panels, of course, most of them came from men - who referred to it as "Puce" and worse - they are not in touch with their feminine sides obviously.  One was quite restrained saying" it's not what I would've chosen..."

And I can see now when Sally's planting is zinging along with it, it looks fab...

In fact this picture made me laugh when I saw it and thought of colours working together - or not.  Here's Steve from maintenance captured in a rare sunny moment, you probably need some shades on for this one!

Meanwhile Tropical is coming along too.

Cue another plant delivery from Palmstead. Suatali got them here nice and early and we had a day of heavy rain forecast.  I'm beginning to get some strange feelings about the "tropical stormy" nature of the's getting a bit Rain-foresty here.

Well despite the conditions we managed to get stuck in and the plants start giving the garden an interesting jungly feel.

I think that in the end Margaret, Jane and Annie were enjoying themselves!

And the sun came out again! - what a difference that makes.

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